How to Find the Best Local Attorneys

Finding Local Attorneys

When you are in need of an attorney, it is important to find the best one for your particular needs. There are many advantages to having an attorney at your side that is local and literally, close and accessible enough to have them physically at your side when needed. For some people this means just having a lawyer on their side to help them with their legal needs, for others, especially when it comes to court appearances and trials, they need them to literally be standing and sitting at their side. When you need a lawyer, whether it is once or a few times in your life, or one for ongoing legal needs, it is often convenient and beneficial to have one that you can rely on in your area.

Tips for Finding the Best Local Attorneys

Different people have different kinds of legal needs and the attorney who will be the “best” for one person and their needs may or may not be the “best” for another person and their needs. The following are different ways that have helped other people to be successful in finding an attorney that they feel was the best for their needs.

Word of Mouth

In the days before Google, most people did not have access to information at their fingertips the way they do today. A resource from those times that can still be valuable when trying to find the best local attorneys is by talking to trusted friends, neighbors, co-workers, and community leaders who are involved in the legal field or have experience within it, including having also looked for and found someone that they feel is the best lawyer for their needs. 

Be careful though about who you share your personal legal needs with. Depending on the nature of your needs, you may need to keep them or things about them confidential and not available to the public.


The internet, and most likely Google because of its prominence in the U.S. and other more developed countries (MDC) will probably be an integral part of your search for the best local attorneys in your area. You can search the internet for many different things including but not

limited to:

– Figuring out the kind of attorneys you need, such as ones that specialize in personal injury, probate, criminal, etc

– Finding the kind of attorneys you need that are local to where you live and/or work.

Hint: One way to do this is to use keywords that include the kind of attorneys, possibly with the specialty area you need plus the geographic location you are hoping to find them in. Some examples of this are:

  • personal injury lawyer Mt. Desert Island, Maine
  • car accident lawyer Los Angeles
  • medical malpractice lawyer Oxford, OH
  • estate lawyer Washington, DC

You may also want to try mixing up the order of the keywords you are using to search for your best local attorneys to see if they come up with different results. 

– Read reviews and ratings given to potential attorneys by previous clients, peers and professional organizations.

There are many other ways and places to search for local attorneys other than ones mentioned here including but not limited to, libraries, legal aid organizations, and state and professional bar associations.

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