Tax lawyer

Tax lawyer

Debt can be a very sensitive topic, as the majority of people owe some level of money to a creditor for loans or credit cards. To add salt to the injury, a debt collection agency may use unlawful and unethical tactics to get debtors to make payments as a lawyer, like a tax lawyer Columbia, MD from a firm like Crepeau Mourges, can explain. Lawyers believe that a debtor should not have to endure harassment just because they have gotten behind on payments. Here are just some of the ways that debt collectors may harassment debtors for money: 

Using Profane and Aggressive Language

A debt collection agency may not treat debtors with the respect they deserve. Such an agency is probably not going to be sympathetic to debtors who are going through a financial crisis. If a debt collection agency uses profane, aggressive, threatening, unprofessional or intimidating language when trying to get a payment, it may be in your best interest to obtain legal protection from a tax lawyer right away. For example, a debt collector may threaten that you will be arrested for not making your payments. Do keep in mind that there is often no truth behind these threats, and it is nothing more than a scare tactic to get money from you. 

Harassment Does Not Always Have to Be Threats

A debt collector is not permitted to call a debtor before 8:00am or after 9:00pm. If they do so, they may be violating the debtor’s rights. Even if the calls do not include verbal threats, it may be deemed harassment if the debt collector makes incessant and unrelenting calls every day, throughout the day. A debt collector may even try to contact you at your place of work, as another strategy to put pressure on you. If you are unsure if what you are experiencing is harassment, a tax lawyer can advise you on whether the behavior gives you grounds for a lawsuit. 

When a Tax Debt Collector Contacts Friends and Family

Another strategy a debt collector may use against a debtor, is contacting his or her family and friends. It may be okay by law for debt collectors to contact loved ones if they are looking for you, but are not permitted to divulge your financial information. A debt collector is only allowed to make a certain number of calls to your loved ones when trying to reach you. A debt collector calling your loved ones can be incredibly embarrassing for the debtor. Even though the debt collector may not talk about personal financial information, just receiving a call from such an agency is enough to send the message to your loved ones that you are struggling financially. 

We understand that battling a debt collection company can get tiring, especially when you are going your best to stay above water financially. All new clients receive a free consultation with a tax lawyer, so we can talk more about your situation to decide if legal action is right for you. Please do not wait for your phone log to fill up with debt collection calls. Contact a tax lawyer right away so they can start working on getting these calls to halt completely.