Ideally, the place you work serves as a professional environment where you can thrive and succeed. But all too often employees feel unsafe and disrespected by their coworkers or management. When someone goes to work, they shouldn’t have to fear harassment or discrimination, so state and federal law protects workers from this kind of unlawful behavior. By understanding the common signs of discrimination in the workplace, it can help you protect yourself from a hostile environment. 

Lack of Diversity
If you observe that your coworkers tend to be of the same race, appearance, sexual orientation, gender identity, or age, then it may be sign that the company engages in discriminatory hiring practices. Workplaces must aim to be diverse, as minimal diversity can result in an environment that cultivates employment discrimination. As your lawyer may warn, like an employment discrimination lawyer people rely on Disparti Law Group , signs of lack of diversity may be present during your interview based on the types of questions you are asked. 

Negative Behavior
A coworker or supervisor may go to great lengths to purposefully stress and harass you. Workplace discrimination does include incidents of repeated hostile behavior that relates to the person’s age, race, or other protected characteristic. Examples of other qualities that may be discriminated against include religion, sex, disability, nationality, ethnic origin, gender reassignment, marriage, pregnancy, or sexual orientation. 

Obvious Favoritism
Have you noticed that certain coworkers are treated differently for the better compared to others? Some of your coworkers may have the same status and role, but are receiving more ideal assignments, schedules, parking spots, nice offices, or promotions. This type of workplace culture develops all too easily, and many may accept it as normal, when it actually violates legal protections. 

Inappropriate Comments
If you hear comments being made about gender or age, then workplace discrimination may be happening. Discrimination with the basis of these protected classes is against the law. Each employee must be provided equal treatment and benefits regardless of their gender or age. If you are enduring constant remarks about your gender or how old you are, then now is the time to seek a lawyer for intervention so no further incidents occur and the offenders are held responsible. 

High Turnover Rate

If a company has a high turnover rate, then this is not a good sign. Employees who are constantly resigning may point to issues with the company itself. It is not common for a company to have people quitting frequently, so discrimination or low morale among staff could be a reason for these high turnover rates. If you are concerned that employment discrimination is present in your workplace, then now is the time to get help.