Disclaimer: we are not a law firm, but provide general information.

Disclaimer: we are not a law firm, but provide general information.​

There are many different reasons that people in the United States need attorneys but one thing that most people who need attorneys have in common is that they are hoping to find the best possible attorneys for their particular needs. Your particular situation and location, and other factors that are important to you, will likely be what guides you when you are looking for the best attorneys for your legal needs.

There are many different ways for people to look for the best attorneys in the US. A key to being able to look and find what you need is to educate yourself. Knowing about the different areas of law and practice areas attorneys work within will help you to determine the specific kind of lawyer you need for your particular circumstances.

Qualifications for Best Attorneys

When it comes to looking for the “best” attorneys for your legal needs, the best attorneys for one person may or may not be the best attorneys for another person who has similar legal needs. Many different factors can go into narrowing down your choices when you are looking for an attorney. Some people may want a lawyer with top academic credentials, while other people might be more focused on the size and tenor of their attorneys’ law firm. Some people may be more focused on finding attorneys based on their reputation amongst previous clients and/or peers while others might focus on finding an attorney with a personality and style they are comfortable working with. There are many other factors that can be important to different individuals. Many people will focus on more than one of these in order to find the best attorneys for their particular situation.

Practice Area

A key component to figure out before you start your quest to find the best attorneys for your particular situation, is to narrow down the practice area that you need your attorney to specialize in. See our section on Kinds of US Attorneys for an overview of many different practice areas that attorneys in the US focus on.

Federal and State Laws

US Best Attorneys

Laws in the United States are organized at the federal, state, and local levels. While there are exceptions to this, in general, federal court jurisdictions hear cases in which the United States is a party, cases involving violations of the Constitution or federal law, crimes on federal land, bankruptcy cases, and cases on state law that involve parties from different states.

State and local courts typically handle more cases than the federal courts do and most everyday people are more familiar with these kinds of law such as for, when you get in a car accident, or are getting a divorce, or planning an estate, or help with business taxes, etc. Unless you need attorneys to represent you at the federal level, it is important to find attorneys who are licensed to practice in the state in which your need for legal help occured.  

Firm Size

There are many different attorneys out there who practice at law firms of all different sizes. Some attorneys have their own practices where they are the only attorney employed by it, while other attorneys may be a part of law firms that have 100s of attorneys who work in different offices in different locations.There can be different benefits to having an attorney or attorneys from small vs. larger firms. Some people may prefer the more personal feel that smaller firms often tend to give, while others may be more focused on a larger firm that may have more lawyers and resources than some of the smaller firms.

Education & Experience

Attorneys come from all different academic backgrounds and law schools. Depending on your particular needs, academic credentials may be important to you- or you may want to focus more on the experience and track record of the different attorneys you are considering enlisting the help of.

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