Common Auto Accident Injuries and What You Should Do About Them

Car accidents can be the cause of a variety of injuries. You never expect an accident to happen, so you don’t typically have the time or resources to protect yourself from becoming injured in that split second. Do you know what to do about it after an accident? The following are some common injuries often sustained in car accidents, as well as what you should do about them.


An extremely common injury following car accidents, whiplash occurs when your body makes a sudden movement that is faster than what you would normally do on your own. Your tendons, muscles, and ligaments all take a beating when this happens. Though you may not feel the pain of whiplash immediately after an accident, you should have a doctor evaluate your injury anyway, just in case you need medical attention to make it better.

Head Injuries

A traumatic brain injury can cause long-term problems in the brain. It can lead to difficulty sleeping, headaches, difficulty focusing and a variety of other issues relating to your brain. If you hit your head during the accident, be sure you speak with a doctor about it. You may have a scan done to see if there’s any internal bleeding, and your doctor will likely come up with a treatment plan that will help you avoid more serious complications or deal with a concussion.

Broken Bones

Broken bones, in general, are fairly common in car accidents, with ribs possibly being broken more than others. Ribs are fragile and can snap in even a small fender bender. Broken bones require medical attention. Sometimes you’ll need a cast, and other times you’ll need surgery. You’ll more than likely need an x-ray for your doctor to determine which path of treatment to take after breaking a bone.

Herniated Discs

When vertebrae experience impact, they can shift out of place, or even rupture. A shifted vertebra can sometimes be corrected by a chiropractor, though a ruptured vertebra might require a medical doctor’s assistance. You should avoid doing anything strenuous until you can see a doctor get this resolved.

Other Injuries

It’s possible you’ll suffer mental or emotional injuries after a car accident. Post-traumatic stress disorder is just one option, and feelings such as guilt could be an issue as well. If you are dealing with emotional problems, you should seek the help of a therapist.

Contacting Your Attorney

If you were injured in an accident, you deserve compensation from the at-fault party. After you’ve sought medical help for your injuries, contact a car accident attorney, like an auto accident lawyer in Tampa, FL from Jeff Murphy Law, for assistance in getting this done.