Accidents can happen at any time, but there are some that are more traumatic than others. Some accidents are unavoidable and happen in daily living, while others are caused as the result of negligence by another party. Accidents that result in brain injuries can be especially traumatic, and it is important that families of these victims are able to get compensation if the accident was another party’s fault. Some of the most common types of accidents that lead to brain injuries include falls, car accidents, sporting accidents and work accidents.

Fall Accidents

If someone falls in their own home, it is likely a no-fault accident. However, if someone falls in a public place due a wet floor sign not being posted after an area is mopped, there is an at-fault party. In these cases, a brain injury lawyer can help the family members of the person who suffered the brain injury fight for compensation to cover medical costs and loss of income.

Car Accidents

Some accidents involve only one car; cases where the driver fell asleep behind the wheel are considered no-fault. Other accidents, though, are directly related to another person’s negligent actions. If the victim of a car wreck suffers a brain injury, the at-fault party can be sued for negligence in some cases.

Sporting Accidents

When people are participating in sporting events, they are typically aware of the consequences that come with participating in these types of activities. Many brain injuries occur as a result of recreational activities such as baseball, football, basketball or hockey.

Work Accidents

If a person is required to do certain tasks at work, there can be a fall risk. If the person suffers a brain injury because safety materials were not provided, the family can be entitled to compensation on the worker’s behalf. This restitution helps cover medical expenses related to the fall and the financial strain of one member of the household not working.

Because there are so many ways that brain injury accidents can occur, it is important that people limit high-risk behaviors and stay cautious at all times. For those who have been personally affected by this type of injury (whether it was oneself or a family member), speaking to a personal injury lawyer can help you decide if you have a case to bring forward. It can help your situation, as well as help, prevent it from happening to others in the future.