Being charged with a crime could be a frustrating experience, especially if you don’t know much about what your rights are. The best way to ensure you are properly and fairly represented is to hire a criminal defense lawyer. There are certain costs associated with such a case that you should be aware of so you can feel prepared to pay them when they arise. The following are some to consider.

Attorney Fees

There are a lot of things your lawyer will consider when determining the fee to charge for your case. There are some criminal defense attorneys who charge a flat rate for specific types of misdemeanor crimes, but many will give you a unique cost based on the crimes you are charged with. Some of the things that might be taken into consideration when determining your lawyer fees include:

  • Your lawyer’s experience
  • How serious your offense is
  • How complex the legal issues are
  • How long discovery will take
  • If the case goes to trial

Sometimes a lawyer with many years of experience will charge more than someone with fewer years, and you’ll basically be paying for that experience. You’ll need to weigh what is more important to you: That you get a lawyer who has fought and won many more cases just like yours or that you get a lawyer you can more easily afford.

Investigative Costs

During the course of your case, the attorney may have to hire investigators or expert witnesses. Typically, the attorney does not include the charges for these professionals in his or her fees. You will instead be required to pay them. An example of the way they charge is they might require a $2,000 retainer in addition to a $300 hourly fee.

Processing Fees

There are all kinds of processing and filing fees associated with any lawsuit. Your lawyer can outline these costs for you so you have a general idea of what to expect. Some lawyers ask you to pay these as they come up and others will include the amount with their total lawyer fees.

Travel Costs

If your case is being tried in another county, you’ll probably want to set aside some money for travel costs. Whether that is change for the bus or gas money for your car is up to you. If you hire a lawyer from another area who is licensed to work in your county, you might also have to pay for the lawyer’s travel costs.

Contacting a Lawyer to Learn More

For your criminal case, you deserve the best representation. Contact a criminal defense lawyer today to learn more about associated costs and what you need to do to get the ball rolling.  Contact an attorney today for more information.