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Many people go on cruises to take a relaxing vacation away from the stress and hassle of work life. However, cruise ships are not without their danger and there are many ways people or objects on a cruise ship can harm you. If you were on a cruise ship and sustained an injury, you might have many questions. Who is held responsible for your injury? Is filing a personal injury claim from a cruise ship like filing regular personal injury claims? What should you do if there are multiple people who are responsible for your injury? All your questions may feel overwhelming, but below are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding personal injuries on cruise ships.

Who Is Responsible For Your Personal Injury?

If you are wondering who will eventually pay for your injuries, an attorney can help you determine who was at fault for the accident. A few ways you might sustain an injury while aboard a cruise ship are:

  •      A passenger on the ship assaulted you in some way.
  •      An onshore excursion injured you.
  •      A cruise ship employee or staff member assaulted you.
  •      Onboard activities—like pools or water slides—injured you through dangerous designs or
          broken equipment.
  •      Floors were slippery in areas like the restaurant or store.

Two Likely Responsible Parties

Clearly, from the above examples, there are two main parties who might be responsible for your injuries.

  •      The Cruise Line
  •      Onshore Excursion Company

From the above examples, we can see that there are times when a cruise line would be responsible for your injuries. Typically, the cruise line is responsible for their employees and they are also responsible for keeping their ships clean and safe from hazards. Thus, if you slipped and fell on a puddle in a restaurant or if an employee assaulted you, you could pursue a claim with the cruise line. On the other hand, there are times your own negligence could have caused the accident. If, for example, you were running by the cruise line’s pool and slipped and fell on a puddle even though there were warnings signs that the area might be wet and you should not run, it is likely that your own negligence caused the accident to happen.

On the other hand, if you sustained an injury during an activity because the onshore excursion company acted negligently in some way, they may be fully or partially at fault for your injuries. In some cases, even the cruise line could share some of this responsibility.

Compensation After an Injury

Depending on the injury you sustained after your accident, you could receive compensation for:

  •      Medical Bills
  •      Physical Therapy Bills
  •      Loss of Income
  •      Emotional Distress

More Information on Cruise Ship Accidents

If you are the victim of a personal injury after being on a cruise, you may be questioning who is at fault and how to get help after your accident. Unless you were acting negligently, there are many reasons a cruise line could be held liable for your personal injury. For more information on making a personal injury claim with a cruise line and to discuss the best course of action after your personal injury, call a personal injury lawyer today.

Source: personal injury lawyer Baltimore, MD, Cohen Lawyers.