When you are involved in a car accident, there are often multiple expenses that are incurred. Do you know what types of damages you can recover after your accident? What compensation are you legally owed when someone else was at fault for the incident? Your lawyer can help you understand, but the following are some basics to get you started.

Medical Costs

Whether your injuries are minor or severe, you shouldn’t be left paying for them out of pocket. After you accident, you should go and see your doctor. Your initial examination could determine injuries you may not realize you had. Medical costs could begin to build if your injuries are extensive. You could end up paying for ambulance fees, doctor appointments, physical therapy, medical supplies like crutches, disability costs and cognitive therapy. Your lawyer may be able to help you receive compensation for these medical costs.

Lost Wages

If your injury impairs your ability to perform your regular job, you could receive compensation for lost wages. Some things that may hinder your ability to work include being hospitalized, attending therapy, long-term injuries and other disabilities. It’s essential you and your doctor both keep records of your injuries as proof they were a direct result of your crash.

Property Damage

In almost every car accident, the car will have sustained damage. This could be a totaled car and it could be a few scratches. An insurance adjust will assess your car for damages to determine the cost it would take to repair. Those costs could be recovered in your settlement.

Pain and Suffering

If your car accident took the joy out of your life, caused you mental anguish, instigated severe anxiety or caused any other type of emotional damage, you could be compensated for pain and suffering. This could be a little harder to prove during trial, but with the right lawyer by your side, you may be able to achieve it.

Punitive Damages

If there were any miscellaneous, out-of-pocket costs you incurred because of your car accident, those could all be compensated as punitive damages. This might include paying a parking ticket, renting a car or purchasing acetaminophen to help with your pain.

Contacting a Car Accident Attorney

After being involved in a car accident, you’ll want an attorney to help you make sense of the legal mess you could find yourself in. To learn more about compensation and what you may be able to recover, contact your car accident attorney today.


Source: Auto Accident Lawyer Indianapolis, IN, Ward & Ward Law Firm