If you were injured in a car accident with a drunk driver, and he or she gets taken into custody, don’t think he or she got what was deserved and the case is over. Not only does that person have to face criminal penalties, he or she will be held liable for injuries you incurred as well. The following are some things you should do after being injured by a drunk driver.

1. Call the Authorities

One of the most important things you can do for yourself, the drunk driver and the rest of society is call the authorities. You don’t want that driver getting back behind the wheel to injure someone else, so be sure the police are there to handle him or her. Another reason to contact the authorities is to ensure anyone who is injured receives the proper care. If you or anyone else requires medical assistance, you’ll want the paramedics there. Finally, the police report will be quite telling should you choose to pursue a lawsuit against the drunk driver.

2. Collect Evidence and Other Information

You may already know to collect the drunk driver’s insurance information, but there are some other things you should collect as well. To start, take pictures of everything at the scene. This includes your vehicle, the drunk driver’s vehicle, skid marks, traffic signs and other things surrounding the accident. You should also collect contact information for any witnesses who stuck around. If someone can vouch for the drunk driver’s behavior or reckless driving before the accident, that person’s testimony could be useful in court.

3. Receive Medical Care

You may have minor injuries that can be treated on the scene, or you may have major injuries that will require the doctor at a hospital. No matter your injuries, do not deny medical attention. You may have injuries that show up at a later date, so it’s important you have an initial examination to look for those issues.

4. Contact Your Insurance Provider

It’s important you report your accident to your insurance provider. Even though the accident will more than likely be ruled as the drunk driver’s fault, your insurance company will need to know about it.

5. Contact an Attorney

There are a lot of legalities included in a drunk driver car accident. If you were involved in an accident, whether you were injured or not, be sure you contact a lawyer.

Getting Started

Your lawyer, like the best auto accident lawyer in Memphis, TN from Patterson Bray, can answer any questions you have regarding drunk driving incidents, as well as help you through the legal process. For more information, contact a car accident lawyer today.