Personal Injury Lawyer

Anyone on foot in an auto-pedestrian accident is probably going to suffer more serious injuries than others involved in the accident. In many cases, it’s the driver at fault for the accident, and therefore the individual liable for the injuries. When you’re injured as an innocent pedestrian in an accident, you may wonder how much you can expect to receive from the driver’s insurance company. The following are four aspects commonly looked at to determine the value of the case.

The Severity of Your Injuries

If you walk away from the accident with minor cuts and bruises, which isn’t likely as a pedestrian, you shouldn’t expect as much in terms of compensation. If your injuries are more severe, you can expect a higher settlement. Hard injuries, such as head trauma, spinal injuries, and other similar damages, are typically going to yield a higher settlement than soft injuries.

The Extent of Your Treatment

An injury case that doesn’t include a lot of expensive treatments isn’t going to have as high a value as one in which the victim has to undergo a lot of treatment. For example, if your injuries require multiple surgeries, prolonged use of prescription medication, visiting a specialist, physical therapy, and other medical treatments, the case will generally be valued higher.

The Amount of Lost Wages

Some auto-pedestrian accidents result in enough lost wages to get the settlement value higher. You may have missed work immediately because of the accident itself, and you may have missed more work because of treatment and recovery time. You should always be compensated for those financial losses.

There’s also a chance you won’t be able to go back to work at all, so the loss of the ability to bring in an income could push your settlement value higher as well. If you are able to go to work, but will have to be stuck with a lower-paying position due to the extent of your injuries, you could seek compensation for the deduction in your salary.

The Long-Term Effects

Some pedestrians who are involved in auto-pedestrian accidents will suffer long-term effects from the incident. Paralysis, disability, the loss of independent living, disfigurement, the loss of life’s enjoyment, and other similar factors could increase settlement value.

Contacting a Lawyer

The victims of auto-pedestrian accidents often have a lot of medical bills after getting cared for and recovering from the incident. If this is a situation you’re in, contact a lawyer, like a personal injury lawyer in Canoga Park, CA from Unidos Legales, for help determining the value of your case today.