Being accused of causing an accident can be detrimental to your claim. The frustration maybe even worse when the person pointing the finger is the real culprit. What can you do to increase your odds of getting the insurance company to see things your way? Ponder some of these tips and keep them in mind, so you are prepared in case you need them.

Documentation at the Scene Is Critical 

When in a situation where the other driver is claiming you caused the accident, every bit of evidence you have is critical. After an accident, you should take plenty of photos at the scene. Videos and pictures often provide clues that you don’t recognize, but an adjuster will. If your crash occurred at an intersection, take as many pictures as you can before moving the vehicles to safety. Giving the adjuster views of how the cars came to rest immediately following the crash can help prove fault. Snap pictures and take videos of the surrounding streets, condition of the road surface – everything matters after an accident.

Police Reports Can Help Your Cause

Hopefully, a police officer reports to the scene of the accident. Police officers write accident reports which detail many aspects of a crash, including:

  • Measurements of skid marks
  • Driver statements
  • Facilitate personal information exchange
  • Witness information

The police report may also point the finger at the other driver as being the cause of the accident. Through the on-scene investigation, the officer may figure out that the other driver ran a light, was speeding or using a cellphone. All of this goes a long way in proving your innocence.

Witnesses Provide Invaluable Assistance

Some people don’t necessarily want to involve themselves in an accident investigation. They may first approach to check on the people in the crash. However, if someone approaches you, get their information. You can tell them that you will only share it if it becomes necessary to help prove fault. Remember, witness statements are only valuable if they come from a third-party person. Insurance companies and even police officers do not consider passengers in the vehicles that collided to be reliable.

Increasing Your Credibility 

Perhaps you do not have any of the above information, and the case comes down to one driver’s word against the other. In this situation, you may be at the mercy of the other driver’s temperament versus your own. Some people are naturally fiery and get angry and frustrated faster than others. Giving statements about an accident throughout the investigation can be an arduous and trying process. You may increase your credibility by sticking to your side of events and remaining calm.

An auto accident lawyer in Tampa, FL, such as from Jeff Murphy Law, may prove a valuable ally to have when facing an unfair at-fault designation.